Eichrom User's Group Workshop

Agenda Title Author(s) Download/Link
5/22/18 13:15 New Developments at Eichrom Technologies Mike Fern View
5/22/18 13:45 Quantification of Main Radionuclides of the Uranium Decay Series in Mining Residues Through Sequential Extraction on Eichrom Resins Claire Dalencourt, Dominic Lariviere View
5/22/18 14:15 Separation of 90Sr and 90Zr for Nuclear Forensics Applications Using Various Commercial Resins Dominic Lariviere, Dereck McLain View
5/22/18 14:45 Evaluation of Factors Affecting Flow Rate Variations with Eichrom Cartridges on a Vacuum Box System Dominic Silvestri View
5/22/18 15:30 Recent Developments in the Analysis of Actinides, Sr and Ra from Difficult Matrices Sherrod Maxwell View
5/22/18 16:10 Extraction Chromatography Separation of Zirconium-93 Ben Russell, M.G. Miranda, H. Thompkins, S. Jerome View
5/22/18 16:35 Solving Analytical Challenges with Eichrom Resins Terry Romanko View
5/22/18 17:00 Separation and Counting Options for 89/90Sr Daniel McAlister View