The are several isotopes of lead that are important in nuclear medicine. 201Pb, produced by proton irradiation of isotopically enriched thallium targets, is the parent of 201Tl used in heart scans.

Following dissolution of Tl targets in HNO3, 201Pb can be separated using Sr Resin and recovered in 6-8M HCl for further processing to recover the 201Tl.

201Tl can be separated from 201Pb by oxidizing the Tl(I) to Tl(III) using HCl-H2O2 and retaining the Tl(III) chloride complexes on UTEVA Resin. The Pb(II) will not be retained in HCl and can be collected for ingrowth of additional 201Tl. 201Tl can then be recovered in normal saline with a small amount of ascorbic acid to reduce Tl(III) back to Tl(I).

Additional 201Pb decontamination and removal of traces of organic material can be achieved by passing the 201Tl solution through a small column of Alumina-R.