Accessories for Cartridges

Cartridge Vacuum Box:

This 24 hole vacuum box has a high density polyethylene (HDPE) top for acid compatibility and a clear plastic bottom for visibility of collection tubes. Overall dimensions are 57 cm (long) x 14.5 cm (deep) x 18 cm (high.) The box comes complete with a screw in vacuum gauge, a rack insert which holds twenty-four 50cc centrifuge tubes, a starter package of yellow outer and white inner tips along with manifold plugs for sealing off unused holes.

The HDPE top can be removed and set on the bench top, supported by 2.5 cm legs, without disturbing cartridges and tips in use.

Part number: AR-24-BOX

A smaller, 12 hole version of this vacuum box is also available. Overall dimensions are 32 cm (long) x 14.5 cm (deep) x 18 cm (high.)

Part number: AR-12-BOX

Set up and use of these vacuum boxes is described in Eichrom method VBS01

Inner Liner

Used in place of the rack insert, this clear plastic, one-piece liner is used to collect waste solutions. The total capacity is approximately 4 liters or up to 160 mL per sample if all 24 places are in use.

Part number: AR-24-LINER

A liner is available for use with the 12 hole vacuum box.

Part number: AR-12-LINER

20 ml Cartridge Reservoirs

Similar to syringe barrels, these reservoirs attach to the top of Eichrom’s pre-packed cartridges with a Luer-Lock mechanism. Graduations allow for easier monitoring of flow rates when using the vacuum box. Available in packages of 200.

20 ml Reservoir part number: AR-200-RV20

White Inner Support Tubes and Yellow Outer Tips

These disposable tubes and tips are used to connect the cartridge(s) used to the vacuum box. The white inner tip should be replaced and discarded between rinse and elution steps to avoid cross contamination of different fractions. Both the inner tubes and outer tips are available in packages of 1000.

White Inner Support Tubes part number: AR-1000-TUBE-PE
Yellow Outer tips part number: AR-1000-OT

Accessories for 2mL Columns

25 mL Extension Funnels and Column Connectors:

The extension funnels are two-piece polypropylene reservoirs with a capacity of 25 mL that snap securely into to the top of our 2mL columns. Available in packages of 20

Part number AC-120

The Column connectors, available separately, are the piece that connects the reservoir to the column. Available in packages of 100

Part number: AC-121

15 Hole Column Rack:

This clear acrylic column rack measures 24 cm (long) x 11.5 cm (wide) x 16 cm (high). The 15 holes are arranged so that the columns can drip directly into 50cc centrifuge tubes placed in their original polystyrene packaging.

Part number AC-103

2ml Empty Columns:

The same columns used for our standard 2mL pre-packed columns, these polypropylene columns have an inner diameter of 0.8cm and a snap off tip. Use when a slightly different sized column is required for the analysis. The columns are supplied in packages of 100, with 100 caps, bottom frit inserted and 100 extra top frits.

Part number: AC-141-AL

Column Tip Closures:

These flexible, plastic sleeves fit on the bottom of an opened column to prevent complete drying out of the bed when the column needs to be used a second time in a procedure. (e.g., SRW01, Sr-89/90 in Water) They are available in packages of 100.

Part number AC-130.

Accessories for 20mL Columns

20 ml Empty Columns and 200 ml Extension Funnels

These columns, nominally 20 ml, have an inner diameter of 1.5 cm and a “packable” volume of 17 ml. Use them when a large bed volume of one of Eichrom’s extraction chromatography or ion exchange resins is required. Columns are supplied with bottom frit pre-inserted, in packages of 20, including 20 bottom tip closures, caps and top frits.

Part number: AC-20E-20M

These extension funnels are a single piece plastic reservoirs that snap securely into the top of Eichrom’s 20 ml columns. They have a useful capacity of 200-250 ml. Available in packages of 20.

Part number: AC-20X-20M