Agenda Title Author(s) Download/Link
9:00 Introduction Michaela Langer & Patrice Letessier
9:15 MnO2: concentration of Radium isotopes in water Patrice Letessier, Eichrom Europe (France) View
9:45 Gross alpha Radio-activity in drinking water and waste water [Actinide Resin] Pieter Kwakmann, RIVM (The Netherlands) View
10:30 Coffee Break / Pause café
11:00 Mesure du plomb 210 dans l'eau [Résine Plomb] Bandombele M. Mokili SUBATECH (France) View
11:30 A brief overview of the radioprotection activities in the Joint Research Centre at Ispra in Italy Nina Judge & Francesco D'Alberti CEC / JRC (Italy) View
12:00 mprovements of Am and Cm measurements in soil samples (TRU & TEVA Resins) Max Pimpl FZ Karlsruhe GmbH (Germany) View
12:45 Lunch / Déjeuner
14:00 A practical guide to Sr, Nd & Sm elemental separation from geological samples using extraction chromatography for isotopic analysis on TIMS [Sr, TRU, & Ln Resins] Michael Murphy University College of Dublin (Ireland) View
14:30 Détermination du Prométhium 147 à l'aide de la Résine Ln Bandombele M. Mokili, SUBATECH (France) View
15:00 Technical updates on UTEVA, TEVA and TRU Resins Anil Thakkar Eichrom Technologies (USA)
15:30 Open discussion / Discussion libre
15:45 Coffee Break / Pause café
16:15 Diphonix Resin: Features and applications Michaela Langer Eichrom Europe (France)
16:45 Access to Eichrom's technical resources on the Internet Patrice Letessier Eichrom Europe (France)
17:00 Conclusion