Agenda Title Author(s) Download/Link
1 A Rapid Method for Analysis of Am, Pu, Th, U, Sr-90 in Urine and Fecal Samples Using Extraction Chromatography Michael Schultz, Perkin Elmer ORTEC; Barry Stewart, Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center; Penet Melton and Leisa Stegall, General Engineering Laboratories View
2 Strontium Extraction from Urine Samples Gerald D. Levi, Jr., Westinghouse Savannah River Company View
3 Tc-99 Analysis in Air Filters, An Approach to Eliminate High Bias Mitch Abbate, Barringer Laboratories View
4 A Simple Method for the Analysis of Po21O: An Initial Report D.K. Mann and J.K. Franse, Y-12 National Security Complex View
5 Analysis of Actinide Elements from Large Samples Henrieta Dulaiova, Guebuem Kim, Bill Burnett, Florida State University, and E. Philip Horwitz, PG Research Foundation View