Agenda Title Author(s) Download/Link
9:00 Coffee
9:30 Eichrom Europe in 2005
9:35 Properties and Applications of DGA Resins (Am; Ra/Ac; Sr/Y …) S. Happel View
10:00 Determination of Trace Uranium in concentrated Plutonium Nitrate Solutions M. Busquet View
10:15 Zirconium in concentrated Plutonium Nitrate Solutions P. Goodall
10:30 Pause
11:10 MnO2 Resin: a new methods for the determination of Radium A. Bombard View
11:40 Micro precipitation – an alternative method for the preparation of alpha spec sources (ResolveTMFilter) A. Bombard View
12:00 Lunch
13:35 Rapid Separation of Actinide and Strontium from Bioassay Samples A. Thakkar View
14:00 Gross alpha determination in drinking water S. Happel View
14:25 Development of a new Gross Alpha Resin P. Kwakman View
14:50 Beryllium Resin – an efficient way to monitor Beryllium A. Bombard View
15:00 Method Validation : example Radium determination S. Happel View
15:25 Discussion: Quality control, accreditation, critical products … S. Happel View
16:00 End