Tuesday, 28 October, 2014

Agenda Title Author(s) Download/Link
Radium Isotopes by Alpha Spectrometry Terry Romanko, TestAmerica View
Additional Uses for Sr and Pb Resins Andrew Knight, University of Iowa View
Rapid method for Actinides in Asphalt and Soil Samples Sherrod Maxwell, Savannah River National Laboratory View
Eichrom Resin Shelf-life Daniel McAlister; J. Bryant; S. Tejchma; E. Rush, Eichrom Technologies View
Incorporation of Eichrom Technology Analytical Resin in ORNL's Pu-238 Production Demonstration Joe Giaquinto, Nuclear Analytical Chemistry and Isotopics Laboratories (NACIL) Oak Ridge National Laboratory View
Zirconium Separations with Eichrom Resin Simon Jerome, National Physical Laboratory View
Separation of Mock Used Fuel and Mock Glass Debris using Eichrom Resins Audrey Roman, R. Springs, E. Bond, R. Sudowe, University of Nevada Los Vegas / Los Alamos National Laboratory View
Polonium Analysis in Complex Samples Andrew Nelson, University of Iowa View
Eichrom Method and Application Notes Updates Daniel McAlister, Eichrom Technologies View
Ion Exchange Chromatography (IX) verses Extraction Chromatography (EXC) Eric Eitrheim, University of Iowa View