Eichrom TRU Resin is available in three particle sizes (100-150 micron, 50-100 micron, and 20-50 micron), in the bottle sizes shown below or prepackaged in slurry packed 2mL columns and 2mL dry pack cartridges. Contact Eichrom for availability of other column or cartridge sizes.

Particle Size Bottles Part Number
100-150 µ 25 grams TR-B25-A
50 grams TR-B50-A
100 grams TR-B100-A
200 grams TR-B200-A
Columns (2ml) Part Number
Package of 50 TR-C50-A


Particle Size Bottles Part Number
50-100 µ 25 grams TR-B25-S
50 grams TR-B50-S
100 grams TR-B100-S
200 grams TR-B200-S
Cartridges Part Number
1 mL, package of 50 TR1ML-R50-S
2 mL, package of 50 TR-R50-S


Particle Size Bottles Part Number
20-50 µ per gram(10g minimum) TR-B01-F