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  • Fern, M.J.

    New Sample Preparation Schemes for Nickel and Tritium Analysis, Eichrom Denver Users’ Seminar. Denver, CO, (1996)

    Ni, Tritium in Nuclear Power Plant, Water, Urine using Ni Resin, Tritium Column and LSC, X-ray (FM196 )

  • Chotard, P.

    Resultats d’Analyses Concernant l’Utilisation d’Une Resine Eichrom Permettant la Separation du Tritium , CEA-Saclay, DCE-S/UGSP/SRSE/95, (1995)

    Tritium in Environmental using Tritium Column and LSC (CP195 )

  • Cahill, D.; Peedin, L.

    A Comparison of Standard and Extraction Chromatography Methods of Analysis for Nickel-59/63 and Tritium, 41st Annual Conference On Bioassay, Analytical & Environmental Chemistry (Eichrom Workshop). Boston, MA, (1995)

    Ni, Tritium in Environmental using Ni Resin, Tritium Column and LSC (CD195 )

  • Beals, D.; Cable, P.; Hofstetter, K.

    Savannah River Site Tritium Analysis System, Eichrom Atlanta Users’ Seminar, Atlanta, GA, (1996)

    Tritium in Groundwater using Tritium column and LSC (BD196 )

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