Eichrom was founded in 1990 to commercialize three novel extraction chromatographic resins developed at Argonne National Laboratory. These resins, currently named Sr Resin, TRU Resin and UTEVA® Resin, offered a significant breakthrough in the analysis of actinides and radioactive strontium. Through the years, the addition of new extraction chromatographic materials, analytical grade ion exchange resins, and high performance filters for alpha spectroscopy source preparation round out a comprehensive product line that serves the sample preparation needs of the radiochemist and geochemist. Our resins are available in labor saving, ready-to-use prepackaged formats that can be used with either gravity flow or vacuum assistance.

In this section of our web site, you'll find technical information and part numbers for our radiochemical product line, a listing of methods developed at Eichrom and published by independent organizations, and an extensive, searchable bibliography of references to Eichrom products and applications. Here you can also access electronic copies of presentations from Eichrom Users’ Workshops in recent years and an archive of newsletters published over the years by Eichrom in the US and in Europe.