T-Flex Blankets

NPO’s T-Flex® blankets are highly flexible non-lead shielding blankets with grommets located at the corners. These blankets come in the standard sizes shown in the table below. They are ASTM E-84 Class A rated.

T-Flex® blankets are more flexible and versatile than their lead counter parts, making them perfect for wrapping around a pipe or hanging from racks or scaffolding. Below are the sizes of T-Flex® blankets kept in stock. Other size available upon request, both in the standard lead wool blanket sizes and custom as well.

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T-Flex Ribbons wraps; flexible strips; hot spot solution


Highly flexible strips. These ribbons can be spiral wrapped around components for a quick “hot spot” solution. Standard length is 8 feet and material can be easily cut in the field using typical cutting tools.

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T-flex Pipe Shield with cinch straps

Pipe Shields

Ideal for small bore pipe applications. Engineered to be within weight limitations while maximizing attenuation. Cinch straps are include for each section of pipe shielding.

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T-Flex Floor Tiles durable non-slip floor shielding

Floor Tiles

Designed to provide economical and ergonomic solutions for shielding sources below. Each tile combines the attenuation properties of T-Flex® with the durability of a work mat. They also can be cut for in field adjustments. The floor shielding features a non-slip diamond tread surface.

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Pipe and Valve Shielding

T-Flex® is the most versatile shielding material that NPO has to offer. Its ability to be poured as a liquid and cured as a flexible solid makes it ideal for fitting the maximum amount of shielding around a component while keeping space and weight to a minimum. The most common way this is put into practice it through pipe and valve shielding. NPO is able to conform the shielding snugly around a pipe and valve which brings the most shielding possible closest to the source while staying clear of any interferences in the immediate area. Below is a showcase of different pipe and valve shields NPO has made over the last few years.

Large Scale Pipe and Valve Shielding

The versatility of T-Flex® extends passed isolated valves, elbows, and short runs of piping. Some projects require extensive shielding across multiple pipe sizes and various valves and bends. The NPO engineering team uses a combination of plant drawings, laser scan data, picture references, and computer aided design software to create a completely custom, form fitting shielding package.

In plants like Perry and Davis-Besse, these huge installations have become permanent shielding and eliminated the need for blocking off high dose areas.

Mold Making Capabilities

The flexible nature of T-Flex® not only applies to the material itself, but it’s ability to take any shape needed for a given application. With use of computer aided design software, NPO can create virtually any shaped shield as a plant needs in order to fit around, cover, hold, or be inserted near whatever requires shielding.

Variety of Colors and Shapes

NPO can add a color layer to any tile. Different colors can help differentiate pieces in an assembly, act as a warning, or just make the shielding visually appealing.