Designed lead products are shields with a steel shell and either custom cut or poured lead inside. These projects usually built with the intent to knock down as much dose as possible with many having a few inches of lead sheet equivalent. NPO’s capabilities are not limited to what’s show here. Contact NPO for solutions to unique shielding problems.

Steam Gen Manway Shields

NPO steam generator roll-away manway shield door systems is a modular shield that mounts to the existing bolt circle of or a steam generator manway. Lead is enclosed in steel and provides a 1.25” lead equivalent with no need for supplemental shielding. The doors slide apart easily for full access and the lower doors tilt open for cables and hoses. Another configuration directs the HEPA port to the side and keeps workers shielded. The dose rate is 66%-75% less than traditional swing doors.

Cable Rollup Shield

This mobile cable roll-up shield has a motorized reel driving for reeling in cables and storing the radioactive contents within. The spools are removable and the shielding itself provides a 4” lead equivalent.

Modular Frisker Cave

Frisker caves for equipment and samples can often be cumbersome and/or immobile. This modular design ensures that the individual pieces can be brought to and set up where it is needed. A built in hook hold the detector.