Serpentine Racks

NPO’s serpentine system is designed to provide virtually any shielding wall configuration, including low dose waiting areas, portable frisking caves, shadow shield walls, and shields for rad materials transfers.

This sturdy and adjustable system was designed to replace scaffolding, currently used to hang lead blankets. By placing the installation process in the hands of the RP department, setup time and potentially critical path time is saved.

NPO also offers a variety of H-Frame and custom racks to meet any needs a plant may have.

Cargo Nets

Substitute scaffolding with lattice webbing and integral swivel hooks. These systems are custom manufactured to work with pipes, tanks, or other applications.

Hooks and Straps

NPO carries S-Hooks in a variety of standard sizes in both carbon steel and stainless steel. For added security, spring clips can be added to ensure the blanket cannot fall off the S-Hook. Cinch and ratchet straps also in stock to tie together and hold shielding in place.

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