Shielded Filter Casks

April 29, 2020

NPO worked closely with AVANTech in designing a set of three shielded casks that reduced dose from 26,000-30,000 mRem/hr to less than 60 mRem/hr on contact. Two casks were utilized with one as a spare. Each shielded cask housed one of their Solids Collection Filter canisters for torus water/sludge filtration at Fermi. To achieve their […]

Isotope Generator Shield

October 14, 2019

NPO’s parent company, Eichrom Technologies, specializes in chemical separation products for analytical radiochemistry. When an Eichrom customer needed a shielding solution for a chromatographic nuclear medicine isotope generator, Eichrom and NPO worked together to integrate the chromatographic separation chemistry into a custom engineered shielding package. The result was a stainless steel, lead filled cannister housing […]

RHR Line Permanent Shielding

June 27, 2019

First Energy’s Perry Nuclear Generating Station wanted to improve the shielding on their RHR line. Instead spending time and dose to cover the line with temporary lead blanket shielding every outage, Perry sought to make the shielding permanent. They contacted NPO and we got to work on a design that is quick to install, seismically […]

Reactor Head Flange Shielding

May 3, 2019

TVA Sequoyah needed a way to shield the surrounding area of their reactor head while inspection work was being done. To avoid setting up scaffolding or stand alone lead blanket racks that would take up valuable floor space, NPO designed lead blanket racks that would make use of the stud holes of the reactor head […]

Smear Frisker Cave

October 24, 2017

This small compact solution replaces larger heavier lead brick caves to reduce background when surveying surface smears and other samples.  The standard size (shown below) has 1” of lead on the top and bottom and 3” of lead on the sides and back.  Caves are built to order and can be designed to suit your […]