Eichrom’s expertise in the development of specific metals extractants has led to successful products for extraction. These products enable the efficient production of valuable metals with a higher purity and the separation of various radioactive elements from nuclear waste. Their development is driven by the needs of Eichrom’s customers including the DOE, metals processors, and the waste treatment industry.

The strength of Eichrom’s solvent extraction technology is the exceptional selectivity of the process extractants. Eichrom is at the forefront in developing unique extractant chemistries including macrocyclic compounds.

Eichrom’s selective extractants are ideally suited for:

Treatment of Process Streams – Hydrometallurgical plants can produce higher purity metals and recycle critical system additives by eliminating contaminants via solvent extraction.

Reclamation of Metal Values from Waste – Sludges and other metal bearing wastes can be solubilized and the metals separated and reclaimed via one or a series of solvent extraction systems.

Treatment of Nuclear Waste– The removal and recovery of uranium, transuranic elements, strontium and cesium can be accomplished and waste minimized through the application of highly specific extractants in solvent extraction systems.