Carrying Lead Blankets for Fun

Friday, November 18th, 2016

How many times in your career have you seen someone excited to carry lead blankets?  At “The Combine” hosted by Frontline OCR and the local USMC recruiting office, there were more than you could count.  Frontline OCR’s mission is “To create a race that replicates the demands that our first responders and military personnel experience every day”.  Race formats vary but always include some form of carrying, lifting, dragging, throwing weight around.  Enter the lead blanket…  Heavy and floppy like a body, not so rough on the skin, grommets for towing, you name it.  We were proud to sponsor and participate.  The event was a total blast for everyone.

Next time you’re thinking of ordering some lead blankets you might want to think about adding a few more for fun…