Nuclear Power Outfitters Today

"Collaboration", this single word is the cornerstone of the relationship that Nuclear Power Outfitters has forged with the nuclear industry for over thirty years, supplying shielding solutions not based on a single format or material, but based on the requirements of the variety of applications we have had the privilege to work on with you. Earl Jacobson's vision, seeded in the shadow of Jack Welch while running GE's nuclear medicine equipment group, has lead to a continual spirit of innovation. Just throwing a lead blanket around it was not good enough for Earl, he wanted to create new approaches to shielding, ventilation equipment and supplied air respirators, and help push the envelope on what was perceived to be 'reasonably achievable'.

Date line September 2008, enter Eichrom Technologies LLC. Eichrom too shared a spirit of collaboration and innovation. Despite the throes of a looming recession, Eichrom had the capital and perhaps more importantly, the culture, to assume ownership of NPO from Earl. "Perhaps in a way that a parent wants to ensure his or her child gets into the right university, Earl deeply wanted to find a company that could continue to uphold the standards that had made NPO a cherished partner in ALARA circles" according to Larry Jassin, NPO and Eichrom's Director of Sales and Marketing. Eichrom, founded in 1990 based on technology transferred primarily from Argonne National Laboratory, is now the preeminent supplier of chemical separation products critical to the analysis of metals and radionuclides.

With the acquisition, Earl and Eichrom have arranged for a multiyear relationship to ensue, ensuring that the integration of NPO and Eichrom is executed synergistically.

Eichrom enhances NPO's culture of quality through the integration of its ISO 9000 system. Eichrom Technologies, Inc. has been registered by SGS to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9000 Series for Quality: ISO 9001:2008.