Eichrom to Hold 17th Consecutive Annual Users' Group Workshop at the RRMC
October 28, 2008

Eichrom is pleased to continue its tradition of holding users' group workshops during the RRMC, formerly referred to as the Bioassay Conference, for the 17th consecutive year. The workshop will be held at 1 PM on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort Destin, Florida. The following speakers will join us and share their recent research in the field of radiochemical separation methods.

Sherrod Maxwell of the Savannah River Site will again join us with updates on rapid actinides separations in environmental and bioassay samples. Data from both 2008 Procorad and NRIP exercises will be presented. Sherrod will also introduce a hybrid actinides method using both ICP-MS and alpha spectrometry.

Brian Culligan of the Savannah River Site will present on adapting emergency bioassay methods to routine work. DOELAP data will be used to evaluate the performance of these faster methods.

Phil Horwitz, Eichrom's founder, will present ‘Old Separations on New Resins and New Separations on Old Resins'. Homeland security and nuclear medicine have placed ever increasing demands on chemical separation systems. Recently, we have developed some new EXC resins and separation systems that have enabled us to meet these demands.

Terry O'Brien, Eichrom's Technical Support Chemist, will update work presented last year on our rapid radium method. The method is based on concentrating the radium and barium on our MnO2 Resin and then separating the Ac for Ra-228 analysis and Ra/Ba for Ra-226 and 224 analyses. The method does not require evaporation or precipitation steps until the source preparation. Terry will also introduce our new filter for air monitoring.

Members of our QC, Technical Support and Sales team will be on hand to discuss your specific applications and to hear comments and questions during the workshop and throughout the conference.