Nuclear Power Outfitters Featured Product: "T-Flex" Tungsten Shielding System

"T-Flex" Tungsten Shielding System

  • Engineered and Fabricated by NPO
  • Competitively priced to lead for many applications
  • Available as a blanket, ribbon wrap or molded shapes; flexible or rigid
  • Provides approx. 75% Attenuation as compared to solid lead
  • Cut material to fit without needing to seal edges -no residue
  • Integral fasteners, including magnets, grommets, locking devices, etc.,
  • Attenuation of 175% compared to a high density lead blanket
  • Improved fit-up — molded applications typically will yield much high reduction factors -less weight with same impact
  • Designing the shield to maximize the attenuating (shielding) material between the "Hot Spot" and the work activity
  • Tested to 550°F


For more information please download the T-Flex literature from the following link. Application Notes