Procept® Rapid Dioxin Soil Analysis Method 4430 Published in SW-846

Eichrom Technologies LLC announces that the US-EPA’s office of Solid Waste (OSW) Organic Method workgroup has published EPA method number 4430 “Screening for Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Furans (PCDD/Fs) by Aryl Hydrocarbon-Receptor-PCR Assay” in the SW-846 Online Method Manual in December, 2007.  This EPA guidance document is a compilation of analytical and sampling methods that have been evaluated and approved for use in complying with the RCRA regulations.

This new method uses Eichrom’s Procept Rapid Dioxin Assay as a screening tool to measure dioxins and furans in soil and sediments.  The EPA validation study (66 soil samples analyzed by 4 separate laboratories) indicated a false positive rate of 5.4% and a false negative rate below 0.5 at an action level of 50 pg/g.

The Procept method is available on the SW-846 section of the USEPA website.    Follow the link to New Methods and scroll down to find method number 4430.

To learn more about Procept check out the Dioxin section of our website.