Eichrom now licensed by the State of Illinois to possess and work with Radioactive Materials.

In February 2009 Eichrom's new facility in Lisle, IL became licensed by the State of Illinois to perform Research and Development with radioactive materials for the separation, purification, and/or conversion to commercially useful forms. In the past Eichrom's employees have performed research with radioactive materials at facilities owned and operated by outside firms. Our new state of the art 1,500 square foot facility is maintained at constant negative pressure to the rest of the facility. In addition all people leaving the laboratory must screen themselves for radioactivity to ensure the cleanliness of our production and office areas. By bringing the radioactive materials laboratory under the same roof, we have decreased the time between Production and Quality Control of our products. This also allows all staff to be together in the same facility to streamline customer comments, method development, and laboratory workup. This improved collaboration will increase the speed in which we can work to meet the needs of a diversifying customer base.